Content Marketing – It Doesn’t Feel Like Work, and It Builds Empires

Content Marketing

Content Marketing can help get more leads, more conversions, more happy customers, and more fun.

Content Marketing refers to the marketing practice of creating consumable “stuff” online that is aimed at delighting, empowering and educating your buyer base.

It’s also really enjoyable as long you relax and don’t treat it like a task, and I think this is essential. No one is going to read a blog post or ebook that was written by someone who wanted to be somewhere else, but when there’s enthusiasm and passion it comes across in the words.

Good content starts with a “why?”

It’s essential that you find a “why” to write other than for traffic. For me, it’s in my nature to help people, so all my content creation springs from that core desire, and because it’s at my core it makes me really happy.

Your “why” may be to educate, to change habits or opinions, or to demostrate your prowess, but try to make it spring from a deeper need in yourself, and not just because it’s a part of your traffic and marketing strategy.

But does it work?

I admit, at first i was a little skeptical, as there’s so much “stuff” around, isn’t the internet full already?

Aren’t people drowning in tactics, ebooks, checklists and guides?

Doesn’t content marketing add to the noise?

Here’s some stats from a recent survey by Hubspot.

  • There are 31% more bloggers today than there were three years ago.
  • 46% of people read blogs more than once a day.
  • Most people read 5-10 blogs.Blog frequency impacts customer acquisition. 92% of companies who blogged multiple times a day acquired a customer through their blog.
  • 57% of marketers acquired customers from blogging.
  • Companies that blog 15+ per month get 5x more traffic than companies that don’t blog.
  • Companies that increase blogging from 3-5x/month to 6-8x/month almost double their leads.
  • An average company will see a 45% growth in traffic when increasing total blog articles from 11-20 to 21-50.

Content marketing creates words, pictures, artwork, videos and more to answer common questions, problems and searches, so it’s always valuable for the buyer persona it’s written for.

By only writing content for keywords that don’t have huge competition, at least at first, you will start building traffic from easier to rank keywords, so you would be well advised to do some keyword research first.

Additionally, content marketing is only part of the puzzle. Inbound Marketing is the whole methodology that glues everything else together and drives conversions and sales.

Keyword research

If you find a keyword with 800 monthly searches and low difficulty (as reported by SEO software like Hubspot’s keyword tool, or Web CEO), you would write your content around that keyword, make it helpful, easy to read and keyword rich and then publish it.

Google will just love it, so it will rocket to number one in 2 days flat….. well, ok, it’s more likely to rocket to number 8 or 9 in 2-4 weeks, and then slowly increase from there, but that’s ok as if you are consistent you will have written a load more blogs in that time, all around under served keywords.

Content builds power over time.

Over time the library grows, and since most content is aimed at keywords, problems and under served needs, each one adds to the quality traffic.

Additionally Google loves content, and if you want proof, they are major investors in Hubspot, the largest Inbound Marketing tool. 

This blog post has been summarised into an inforgraphic; Content Marketing Builds Empires


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