Do You Need a Fresh New Website Design or Just Redesign Your Old Site?


If your website design is not the fresh and exciting lead generation machine you’d like, read on.

So your current website design is looking a little dated, maybe it doesn’t look great on mobile devices, or the look and feel doesn’t represent the face your company wants to present to the world? Maybe it’s not delivering the leads and conversions you want.

So how do you know whether you need a fresh new website, or just a lick of paint on the old one?

I often get asked this by customers, and while it can help to have a strategy chat with a professional, you can get a good idea yourself about what may be the most appropriate next step.


Here are a few of the options for your website redesign project


Just a lick of paint will have that website popping!

This option maybe a good fit if your website is basically ok, but is not a perfect representation of your brand. Maybe your logo and colours have changed, or it’s looking a bit dated with elements that are out of fashion (image sliders for example have given way to large “hero” images)

Indications that this choice is correct;

  • The look and feel is ok, but not perfect
  • The user experience doesn’t flow properly


Content refreshed by a Jedi wordsmith

A website is never finished because your buyers never remain still in their wants, needs and expectations, so you need to flex and move your content with them so that you keep speaking to them in helpful, relevant ways.

Indications that this choice is correct;

  • The content is out of date
  • The user experience doesn’t flow properly
  • The website is not providing a good ROI


Theme replaced to move the tech into the present.

Choose this option is your website technology has been superseded, especially if it looks bad on mobiles and tablets. It is possible to fix mobile design, but it’s often cheaper and and higher value to replace the theme. It is possible that an updated version exists which is responsive, so do check that first.

Indications that this choice is correct;

  • It doesn’t look good on mobiles and tablets (the design is not responsive).
  • The look and feel is completely wrong or out of date.
  • The website is slow and you have discounted plugins and web hosting.


A completely fresh website design

This option is best for businesses who have a combination of issues. Often the look and feel is not correct, it’s not responsive design, and the content needs changing. If you have all these issues you are probably suffering low ROI, and lead generation as well. The good news is that a completely fresh website doesn’t always cost that much more than a theme change and content refresh, and you know for sure that all your old problems will be left behind.

Indications that this choice is correct;

  • You have multiple problems spanning theme change and content change categories.
  • There is not much of your current website that you like, and would want to bring into a new one.

If you have a blog it’s no problem to take that across to a new website, saving all the links and pictures, and if you’ve not got a blog you might want to think about starting one, as content marketing builds empires.


The best choice is not always obvious

We regularly work with businesses who are at the crossroads with their websites, and we work consultatively with them to try to find the best outcome and the best path forward. 

If you want some friendly advice about the best way forward for your business, please email [email protected], or call 07 5609 4907


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