Social Media Marketing

More Than Just Brand Awareness


Strategic social media that drives powerful communication stratgies

Social media done right is social media done strategically, that communicates your core values consistently.

We can get your social media buzzing by analysis of your market and current strategy, and tweaking it to super charge your social punch. We can roll out your strategy mixing your content in with sharable content from the web that supports your values.

Relentless social media provides consistent, valuable content to your readers, and increases your reach through likes and shares.

High level strategic objectives filter down to granular, on the ground tactics which is a key to social media marketing success.

How would you like a communication line to your customer that not only increases your chances of converting them, but gives you great quality business intelligence along with it.

Our social media strategies help you by helping your customers do what they want to do

Multi-platform approach can give you powerful sales machine in it’s own right to win new business for your company.


Sensis report

The uptake of social media by Australian businesses is still not as pronounced as for consumers. 33% of businesses have a social media presence compared with 68% of consumers which means more than twice as many consumers appear to be engaged with social media than businesses. This survey indicates no growth in the proportion of businesses who use social media relative to last year.


49% of SMEs and 45% of large businesses say they have invested money in social media but don’t know how much. • Only 16% of SMEs and 29% of large businesses measure their return on investment in social media. • 80% of SMEs and 37% of large businesses have not developed a strategic plan for their social media


Looking forward, it remains apparent that a social media presence is associated with more positive assessments of business performance. Those SMEs who have embraced social media were more confident about their business prospects and reported better sales, profitability and employment performance than those without a social media presence. They were also more likely to be seeking growth and many expect to spend either the same or more on social media in the coming year. The social media space continues to offer real opportunities for businesses seeking to better engage with customers and potential customers however quite a few are missing out on this opportunity by not having any presence. Businesses using social media should have a strategy and invest the necessary time, money and resources implementing it and measuring its effectiveness to maximise the benefits for them and their stakeholders.