5 Ideas for SEO Brisbane to Improve Revenue For Your Local Business

SEO Brisbane

Tips for Better SEO Brisbane Search Performance

If you run a Brisbane business then you need to be informaed about the local SEO Brisbane strategies and tactics.

Implement these 5 ideas to help get your business found for local Brisbane searches.

1. Get a Google Business (places) Page. If you don’t have one already you need to get one today. It’s free and more and more traffic is coming from these ads, as they help customers find local businesses. They work especially well for businesses that get searched for on mobile devices. If your business type is considered local SEO Brisbane by Google you will also find your ad on the main search page.

2.Get an entry in all the Brisbane directories. Any directory that lists businesses in Brisbane, and any industry or trade directory. Make sure your Name, Address & Phone number exactly matches the entry on your Contact page of your website.

3. Run events. Create an interesting event and invite people to it using MeetUp Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin (in fact any social media where your buyers frequent). You’ll get citations which will help your local SEO Brisbane ranking and links to your website, and the event itself will build your brand strength.

4. Join your local chamber of commerce. Get a link from the Chamber of Commerce website, to help your Brisbane SEO ranking.

5.Start a blog and write 3 articles per week (at least) about things related to your business that your best buyers care about, and distribute them on social media, and to your current customer base.


If you do put any of these ideas into practice, let me know by email of in the comments – I love knowing that I’ve helped people improve their lifestyles, and build great businesses.

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