Why Inbound Marketing is a Powerful Force for Good.


There are millions of businesses out there who are in a position to help billions of individuals (and we only ever market to individuals). Inbound marketing is a way for those expert businesses to demonstrate their expertise by providing free and helpful information, and then spending more time, effort and money to place these free and helpful resources in front of the people that need it most.

In return we know that a certain percentage will buy from us and we can pay our rent, and buy food and clothes.

Marketing is still seen too much through the distorted lens of the Dark Side of Marketing. Businesses look at inbound as a better method than the old ways which are working less and less because of the educated and informed modern buyer.

But inbound marketing is much more than just a way to broadcast your message, it’s an information based, problem solving methodology that costs the consumer $0.  I think it’s more helpful to think of it turned on it’s head, we should be thinking purely from the buyers perspective, and the good of the slice of society to whom we sell.

We give-give-give and then we get-get-get.

Part of the problem thinking comes from the name; Inbound marketing and the fact that it is easiest to understand inbound when balanced against it’s counter point – outbound marketing. Same old thing, get people to buy your stuff, but with inbound, we get them to come to you.

A more accurate, but less catchy title would be Value Marketing, as this is exactly what we creating. We are building out the world wide web with valuable information, created by experts in their chosen fields for highly specific and targeted buyer groups.

The internet is possibly mankind’s greatest invention and it is growing organically in ways no one can predict. As inbound marketers our goal is to add value to the web while increasing the profitability of our companies and clients.

We need to find gaps in the web’s knowledge and fill them with remarkable and valuable content.


Check out our checklist to help you run your next inbound marketing campaign.





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