The No.1 Reason Businesses get Disappointing Digital Marketing Results

There are many factors big and small that add up to affect a digital marketing campaign’s success, but there is one single element that we see businesses falling for, and it’s deadly for your marketing efforts to the point where you may find yourself giving some or all digital marketing up as a bad job.

piece meal digital marketing results

Welcome to Piece Meal Marketing.

This is how the recipe looks and you may recognise some of the ingredients from your own current recipe;

Piece Meal Marketing; a Recipe for Disappointment.

Time to prepare – 6 months.

Feeds many, but won’t feed you.

For this meal you will need the following;

  • A large budget
  • Multiple specialists, each with their own goals (SEO, Adwords, Web Design, Social Media).
  • A complete lack of strategy.
  • Absolutely zero holistic vision.
  • A good head of hair – you’ll be pulling most of it out.

If you do have a strategy, now is the time to throw it in the bin – you won’t be needing it.


Read at least one marketing blog per day, taking notes and adding ideas into your tactical plan. Notice that everything you read is tactics with almost no strategy.

Once you have a tactic plan for each marketing channel and element, task a specialist with putting the plan in place, or else do it yourself. Notice that the goals that you and all the specialists are working towards are relevant to the tactic itself, not the businesses own goals, so the SEO guys are going to get your keywords to No.1, the web designers are going to build a beautiful website, the Adwords guys are going to get your keywords to the top and drive down the cost, the social guys are building followers and likes.

Now that your machine is in place and working, keep stirring in money and time, and watching the above metrics improve.

Notice after 6 months that while you have shown that each campaign has been a great success, there has been little improvement in your bottom line. Wonder why for a few days, then stir in more money.

After 12 months decide to cut back; the ROI was not there, and digital marketing, while essential to cover, is obviously not worth trying to dominate.

You have now fed a bunch of specialist and spent loads of time and money, and while you have made modest gains it’s not what you hoped for.


For your next marketing meal, maybe you’d like to consider a one-pot recipe.


Time to prepare – 6 months.

Feeds you, your buyers and your marketing teams.

For this meal you will need the following;

  • A digital marketing results driven strategy.
  • One large campaign with all the elements and channels enslaved to the strategy.
  • SMART goals
  • Tactical plans that aim for your SMART goals.
  • Multiple specialists working together to hit your goals.



First start with a strategy. Working without a strategy is like navigating without a map, and in this case it’s more like coordinating a group trip across Australia without a map, (or satnav). Your specialists will get confused and lost and willl not work together.

Create large campaigns that fit inside your strategy with all the elements built in.

Set Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant and Timebound goals for each channel, and communicate them clearly to your specialists. Create communication channels between the specialists where possible, and if you can get them working as a distributed team, then do so.

Now you have a digital marketing machine that can be oiled and tweaked as it runs. You can measure relevant metrics, not the vanity metrics that completely separate teams may provide, and you can manoeuvre the machine using your strategy.


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