Powerful RTO Solutions to Increase Website Leads by 200%

rto-website-optimisation.jpgIf your RTO uses it’s website to deliver leads, but you feel like it’s not performing as well as it could, don’t worry,.

It’s very common and you may just need to tweak certain areas to improve traffic and to increase the website’s conversion performance so that you get a higher percentage of your visitors handing over their email and contact details.


Many training organisations have the same trouble and they often feel like their website is not quite the lead generating juggernaught it could be, but if you take a look under the hood and apply some of our perfromance enhancing tips, you could start building in the right direction straight away.

You need to look at traffic and conversion optimisation for any lead generating website, and both can have a great effect on your leads, sales and revenue

Lets look at each with a list of elements to concentrate on.


Getting more visitors through traffic strategies and optimisation.

  • Create defined buyer personas so that you know who you are trying to talk to.
  • More and/or better blogging, written for your buyer personas, try to publish at least 3 per week.
  • Improve SEO both on page and off page, including for blog posts.
  • Better social media outreach. Grow your audiences and post out regularly.
  • Use targeted Adwords, Facebook and Linkedin paid adverts.
  • Find social media groups and get involved.
  • Try to find the influencers in your market and connect on social media.
  • Contact influencers in your market and try to get them to post guest blogs you write.

Get more leads as a percentage of visits by conversion optimisation.

  • More and better blogging.
  • Put a Call-to-action on every page or post.
  • Create great, focused content offers for your buyer personas.
  • Great, optimised landing pages.
  • Run A/B split testing of content.
  • Create conversion paths and optimise the paths once they are in place.


Never stop marketing

Optimisation is ongoing work, which builds upon current and future success. The better you get, the better you’ll be next month, and so on.

You are not in a sprint race here, you are building your legacy on the world wide web, so don’t stop building.

A lead generation solution for RTOs can have a lot of moving parts, so you should look for marketing automation software to help you pull it all together. We use and recommend Hubspot, but there are plenty of others and costs range from $0 (Mautic) through to many thousands per month.







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