3 Ways to Hire the Top Talent for your RTO

You want to bring a new member into your team. 

You’ve added the job posting online – indicated the qualities you look for in a candidate, and highlighted the benefits of joining your company. 

Sounds simple, right? 

Yet, are you reaching the right people for the position? 


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Step up your recruitment efforts and have a better chance at snatching that ideal hire for your company. You could be on your way to signing a contract with the next biggest asset of your team. 


Here’s how:  

1. Boost Your Brand Reputation 

As the RTO1 industry expands, thousands of training brands scramble to reach the spotlight. With a wide market base of potential students, RTO’s need to start with investing in their marketing efforts to help establish their brand reputation. 

Why? Because, good reputation attracts the best people to your company. 

Not only for students, but also for your employees; your trainers and assessors, your admin and sales team. The people who make up the essence of your RTO. 

To attract the best talent in your recruitment, focus on what marketers call “Employer Branding”. This serves as your I.D. for jobseekers choosing for a company to join. 

Tip: You will know what your Employer Branding is through your employees’ perception about the company. If you place them in a room full of applicants, what do you think will they say about the company? Be strategic on building a culture within your organisation that your staff will be proud of. 

As today’s pool of applicants are primarily candidate-driven2, employers must market their brand in a similar way as to how they promote their products/services.  

The buyer in this job market set-up is the candidate applying for the job, and the item being sold is the offered position. If the candidate decides to take the job and work for your company, then… Voila! You have salestalked your brand successfully. 

To boost your Employer Branding, here’s a cheat list for you to follow: 

✓ Pack your website with information. 

✓ Reach out to your target audience on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) 

✓ Post engaging content regularly.  

✓ Increase your online presence. 

✓ Invest on paid ads.  

What role does Employer Branding play in Recruitment? | by GreedyGame |  Medium

As soon as you publish that job posting, expect your interested applicants to visit your social media profiles and look through the details you have there.


And, oh! Don’t forget pictures!

Invest some time in adding media assets to your social media accounts. Whether it be a photo taken during one of your training courses, a pose with the trainers, or a video tutorial on IT systems, put that in your portfolio to boost your trust ratings. 

Tip: People love secrets! The more your audience knows about you, the more your brand looks trustworthy to them. And, in the virtual world, trust is a high-priced currency. 😉  

The key here is to be open and socialise.

Expose your brand. Spill some “insider details” just enough for potential candidates to have a better grasp of who and what your brand is.  Follow these tips and you’ll soon meet your next star employee for your RTO.

2. Improve Your Recruitment Marketing 

Once you have positioned your RTO as a marketable brand, follow it with a solid Recruitment Marketing3 strategy. 

Align your hiring efforts using the Inbound Methodology4, wherein instead of broadcasting a job vacancy to a general audience, you target potential candidates for the position. 

As recruitment processes have changed over the years, so must your efforts in reeling the next members of your team.  

Finding a quality talent is both an HR and marketing priority. 

…but it is more of a marketing matter, nowadays. Really. 

To get that new hire, you must compete with thousands of RTO in your niche vying to be on the A-list among job applicants.

Question is:

Does your brand offer the total package your IDEAL CANDIDATE is looking for? 

If not, start building your reputation now before your rival company snatches it off of you. 

Improve your strategy by directing your recruitment efforts to: 

✓ attracting jobseekers, 

✓ engaging with their interests, and 

✓ delighting them with offers throughout the process. 

Feed your audience digestible content that reflects your company’s goals, culture, knowledge base, team structure, upskill efforts, staff benefits, client outputs, and many more. 

Learn about the key steps of Inbound Recruiting and the promotional content you can use to connect with passive and active applicants: 

What is Inbound Recruiting and how to do it right.

Use this as your guide to create a remarkable experience for your Ideal Employee – from a simple page visitor turned follower, then becomes an interested applicant to a full-fledged employee.  


You were finally able to snag that new recruit by simply building your online reputation and changing the course of your recruitment strategy.


Now, let’s move to the next one! 

3. Establish a Consistent, Well-Reviewed Content Plan. 

You already have a trustworthy Employer Brand, and effective recruitment strategy. Your Ideal Employee has chosen you over other companies. What seems to be missing?


A content plan. 

You need to have a “playbook” on how to maintain your brand reputation and have a steady flow of applicants – a blueprint that shows the direction of your strategy. 

This will serve as your guide on the message you convey to your audience, including the frequency of its delivery, the channels to be used, and many more. 

Recruitment Process - The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Top Talent | Jobsoid

With a content plan, you will see which content form works and which does not. 

Focus on the content that yields the most number of engagements, while revising the ones that have a lower interaction. Explore fresh ideas and change your approach while maintaining your brand personality. 

As you go deeper into the marketing funnel, your content will vary. 

If, in the early stages, you used infographics as social media content, then venture into blogs or newsletters next. Or you could try video promotions or live broadcast for a more lively, personable approach.  

Be sure to review your content plan regularly and set some metrics to evaluate the performance of a specific content. Use analytic tools, such as Business Suite or Google Analytics, to monitor your engagement trends and adjust the modality of your content.  

One more thing, establish a posting schedule at a strategic timeslot for your content to be published. Research the demographics of your target audience and check their active hours on social media. 

If you look for young, mid-20s trainers, perhaps lunch breaks or around 3 o’clock rests are your best bet. For late 50’s audience, your posts are visible to them during evening commute time or right after dinner. Do your research and experiment on the hours that works best for your content. 

To sum it all,

Whatever strategy you will be applying for your business – or a mixed combination of them, nothing beats the time you invest in polishing your recruitment processes and the marketing efforts you exert on reaching out to your audience. 

For as long as you reflect your genuine character on your posts: the transparency, reachability, and consistency, it will all yield good results for your team and company. 

Ready to get going?  

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1 Registered Training Organisations 

2 In a candidate-driven market, jobseekers choose their desired companies based on the total package being presented to them, including (but not limited to) the salary offer, leave benefits, upskill trainings, management profile, probationary period, and promotion policies. 

3 Recruitment Marketing refers to the process of promoting your employer brand by means of marketing tools to connect with potential hires. 

4 Using the Inbound Methodology, you let candidates come to you as opposed to the Outbound strategy wherein you actively search for applicants. This is feasible by executing marketing strategies and employer brand content. 

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