How Websites Win Over Students

Today, students are at the driver’s seat of education— that means learning on their preferred platform, in the time and space of their choosing, and through their own course of study. Educators and digital learning platforms alike face the challenge of empowering, instructing, and motivating students to appreciate the convenience brought about by online learning. It’s a race for all, especially for RTOs, to meet learners online at that moment of


Here is where your website comes in handy: it gives a glimpse of your online learning community and the services you provide to those actively seeking out the effective, flexible, and accurate means for learning. There are hundreds of reasons why RTOs should invest in optimising their pages, below are the key points on why it’s worth the effort:


Your Chance To Leave an Impression

Your website is the virtual face of your organisation. From the looks of your pages to the resources you provide and seamlessness of your website experience, you already provide students with a sense of the standard you live by as a community.


Impress them with a well-designed and easy-to-navigate website and steer clear of 404 error notifications and dead links. Be succinct in providing information on your organisation but make sure that every visitor gets a clear image of your offer and your RTO. Think of your website as a gateway for current and potential students: make it accessible, clear of barriers, and always inviting.


Provides Value to Current and Potential Students

Having full control of these pages allows you to create as much or as little value for students. Take advantage of this online real estate to anticipate the needs of your ideal enrollees and capture relevant information in the form of guides, templates, and tools to help them make decisions on their learning.


Consider what makes learning with your institution unique and highly enjoyable and build that into your website content. Including little details like school experience and culture help them appreciate your institution in the eyes of other students.


The site that presents the most attractive image of learning and offers added value in the process will likely be bookmarked and visited again. Immediately, this makes your page and institution top of mind to students when the time comes for them to sign up.


Facilitates Building of Relationships

Your mere presence online points to your reliability, openness to connect, and commitment to offer value to existing and potential students. It tells students (without the imposition of ads!) that you are there for their journey of learning.


The best thing about having a website: It enables your RTO to grow with your community. As more people interact with your content and usher in organic traffic, you are able to reach even more readers and nurture visitors into leads and eventually, full-fledged students. Your website helps you become discoverable and meet the eyes of your students just as the thought of enrolling crosses their minds.


There are many ways to leverage your website to connect with students. Grow email lists, gain insights directly from would-be students, and create even more value in the process. So long as you’re clear about your goals with your content and pages, you can make sure every bit of time and dollars that goes into your website creation is returned with a generous ROI.


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