Tips for Successful Online Marketing for Gold Coast Businesses

Online Marketing Gold Coast

3 Quick Tips for Online Marketing Gold Coast Businesses

If you run a local Gold Coast business then there are a few tips you should follow to improve your marketing reach and performance.

If you are based on the Gold Coast and you are geographically limited in the customers you can reach (like say a plumber), then you have to approach online marketing slightly differentlly than a business that is not limited in the same way (like an online store).

Pay Google for Adverts

Google Adwords is one of the best paid advert plaforms out there and can get your ad infront of local Gold Coast customers quickly and effectively, although this is often not cheap. If you choose to try Adwords, first contact an Adwords partner like Full Steam, as they will be able to get you a $100 Adwords voucher to get you started.

It is mos important with Adwords that you select the keywords that you don’t want so that you don’t pay for useless traffic, and if you are on the Gold Coast you probably want to only show to other Gold Coast people, so lock it down by location.

Get your Business on Google Maps

Also known as Google Business, Google+ Business Page, Google Maps and used to be Google Places. All businesses should really be on the map, but for local businesses it is essential and, happily, free so get your online marketing Gold Coast advert posted today.

Google will want to send you a postcard (no, not from their holidays), to make sure they have your address correct. Add in the PIN on the post card to your Google Business page and you’re ad will go live.

If you are not showing highly in searches you can do two things;

Search for you business type on Google Maps, and click on your business. Do this 6 or 7 times per day for a week or so and Google will learn that you are relevant for that search. This may sound odd, but this tip came directly from Google Adwords support.

Start a local Gold Coast Blog

Write blog posts for your local customers, answering questions that they often ask. Don’t hold anything back as even if you give people enough information to do the job themselves, the right customers will still want to get the experts in, and you are showing your expertise, as well as tipping the scales of reciprocity towards them, and people often feel in your debt.

Use words like they would search for in Google, and mention the Gold Coast (don’t go over board and write for your readers not you search engines)

Have Fun

Online Marketing should be fun, and if you are enjoying it you are likely to be creating better adverts and content which will connect with your audience better. Have respect for your prospects and leads and don’t spam them or do anything that you wouldn’t like done to you. The days of email spamming and door knocking are coming to a close, and their are easier, cheaper and much more effective ways of generating leads for local businesses.

Need more help to draw ROI from your digital marketing efforts?  Get a free marketing consultation — we’re happy to chat and provide a handful of customised tips tailored around your business.





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