Does Your Technology Business Have a Clearly Defined Market Position?

technology business positioning

Is your tech business lost in a sea of sameness?

It’s very common in the technology industry to find tech websites and marketing that focus way too much on the features and specifications of products and services, with less time on benefits, and nothing at all that set the business apart by claiming a meaningful market position.

Building a good position is one of the most useful things you can do for your business, and done right it can attract your ideal prospects while turning away people you don’t want to work with.


“Nobody buys a product or service because it can do everything, but rather because it can do something.” Tim Williams


In Williams’ Propulsion blog, he writes: A positioning strategy is really a business strategy, not just a communications strategy. It is an articulation of what services you offer (the answer can’t be “everything”) and which markets or customer segments you serve (the answer can be “everybody”).

Anatomy of technology business positioning

It can take time to get your positioning just right, but it’s worth doing. If you are just getting started you may be able to get started based on where your business is right now, so try to fill out the following statement.

You need to be able to articulate the following;

WHAT – What do you do?

WHO – Who do you provide products and services for?

HOW – Your unique value proposition.

WHY – Why you do what you do. What do you believe? See Simon Sinek’s TED talk.

You can make a start by filling in these blanks;

We offer ( ___services your offer – your WHAT____) for (____market_you serve – your WHO___) by (___unique_method_of_delivery your HOW___) because (____what_ gets_you_up_in_the_morning – your WHY____)

For example;

We provide CRM software for SMB customers in the professional services industry, by building unique, customer driven software with customisation included because we believe that a tightly built and configured CRM can help professional services business form and maintain closer relationships with their customers and drive consistently increasing revenue.


Well,  ok not so much. It can take a long to time get this right, but it does need doing if you want to build a business with great growth potential that can stand the test of time. If you can get going, it doesn’t have to be perfect first time. Very few of your competitors are likely to have taken the time to do this.


Check out this ebook for more great information that can help drive leads to your business, but remember – starting with your strategy is the best bet.





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