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SEO is one of the most efficient, targeted and cost-effective forms of internet marketing because of its ability to provide just-in-time information to your search demographic, which drives traffic to your site.

SEO should be a part of any digital marketing strategy as the results can be enormously powerful.

We manoeuver your website and other resources to effect speedy and safe improvements, while keeping the price you pay at an affordable level.

Our services are true Enterprise quality SEO providing Google with just what they are looking for.


SEO Essential elements

Grade your website

Our FREE tool will grade your current website's SEO performance and send you a report by email.

This valuable report will show you the following;

  • How you rank on keywords compared to competitors
  • Social media popularity
  • Home page trust and authority
  • The best performing websites for your top keywords
  • Website usability issues
  • Technical issues with your website
  • Toxic links which can harm your website rank
  • Compliance with Google requirements


You can see a sample report here: Download Sample

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Get more visitors of a higher quality

Our education SEO service will deliver you a higher quality of student traffic in higher volumes. 

Education Keywords

SEO starts with finding the best keywords to compete for - the ones that your student buyers consistently search for. This means that wherever a prospective buyer searches for a related subject - they find your website.

Content Marketing

Links from the right places

It's critical to get high-quality links from other websites pointing to your website, but they must be from a relevant website, that actually helps people find relevant information. We only build natural links that will benefit your search engine ranks for years to come.

Website Optimisation

Your website and it's content needs careful optimisation for both visitors and search engines to be able to access, consume and crawl your content. We improve technical aspects, and optimise your content so both humans and robots will easily navigate and process your critical information.

Responsive education website design

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