The Truth Seekers Guide to SEO Services


When you need to climb the dizzy heights of Google Mountain to place your brand at the top of the search engine ranks, you need a swift understanding of the different types of search optimisation services open to you.

Here is a brief look at the most popular ways for small and medium businesses to achieve search engine nirvana.

Over years of internet marketing I have personally worked as and with every option on this page, so here is my humble opinion about each of the SEO services that you could consider for your business.

Choose Wisely Grasshopper

Do it yourself SEO.

The Good

This is the cheapest path of course, but you will have to aquire skills along the way and you will also need good tools.

Start with reading SEO blogs and ebooks written just for you.

Then choose a good tool. WebCEO has a great DIY approach and can guide you along your path to nirvana.

The Bad

It takes a lot of time to walk this path.

There are many traps and bad men laying false paths that can trick the unwary. The easiest way forward is usually a trap. Instead, look for the path that allows you to help people, and the way forward will be clear.


SEO Freelancers

The Good

These tend to be the second cheapest option, and there are many highly skilled masters out there who can provide SEO services that will get you to where you want to go.

Choose from the local pool, or use UpWork.

The Bad

There are many fakirs and charlatans posing as masters, and they will sell you snake oil “proven to get to No1 on Google”.

Don’t trust wild claims, and anything that appears too good to be true probably is.

No path exists that is easy, cheap and fast; choose two and abandon the third. Look for SEO services that add value.


SEO Companies

The Good

They have a reputation to protect and many rely on keeping customers for the long term. Many masters run teams of skilled personnel, who can provide strategic direction at times so that you are reaching out for the right and true goals.

The Bad

Not all companies are masters of their craft. You can see this by examining the wide range of prices. SEO services companies charge anywhere from $300 – $3000 and upwards per month.

It can be common for SEO companies to go after easy but low value keywords as they are then ensured of their own victory.

Alas; their goals do not match your goals!


Inbound Marketing Agencies

The Good

Inbound Marketing is effective at creating SEO improvements through content and social media marketing, and agencies often offer SEO services along with their inbound work, which means that you will be creating value throughout your marketing campaigns as well and attacking the top of Google search ranks.

The Bad

Inbound agencies are likely to be amoung the most expensive options for SEO, as you are getting far more than just SEO.

Inbound is more work than any of the other options, and you will either need to be doing that work yourself or doing it with an agency and paying for it. It is possible to do a bit of both and to get an agency to train you and do the heavy lifting while you do what you are best suited to.



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