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How Websites Win Over Students

Today, students are at the driver’s seat of education— that means learning on their preferred platform, in the time and space of their choosing, and through their own course of study. Educators and digital learning platforms alike face the challenge of empowering, instructing, and motivating students to appreciate the convenience brought about by online learning.…

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How to Choose a Platform for your new RTO Website

You’ve spent a huge amount of time on creating your courses and even more in mapping the learning ecosystem for your RTO, but where do you take this wealth of resources? How do you select a site builder and make sure that your virtual home is the right one for you and your students?   …

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Millennial Key Traits and How to Market to Them

Millennials –They’re no longer the spoiled nerds who couldn’t be hauled away from their video games. They have matured into responsible adults who are decision-makers and innovators.   According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Millennial generation in Australia is estimated to rise by 17% over the next ten years, from 7.2 million in…

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