3 SEO Tips For Your Digital Market Strategy

In today’s digital age, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has become an essential tool for businesses. Mike Murray from the Content Marketing Institute (2018) emphasised the importance of SEO in the digital market on his statement:    “Businesses should look at SEO marketing strategy as something that should be continually implemented and optimized”.    Making up …

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3 Creative Ways to Market Your RTO

Promoting your RTO requires creativity. You need to have a quick, innovative strategy to attract the right people to enrol for your courses. Your digital marketing plan should appeal to the “needs” of your target audience, integrate SEO elements on your social media platforms, and have a content structure rooted on the inbound methodology.  – – Remember: You’re…

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5 Ideas to Turn Your RTO Employees into a Marketing Asset

Every employee is an asset to the company. . Whether your employee is a part-time trainer or a full-load course developer, their value does not end on the services they render to your company – they are direct ambassadors to your brand. . As members of your RTO company, your hired VET professionals personify the…

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6 things that your RTO can do to weather the COVID-19 storm


The effects that COVID-19 is already having on Australia’s education industry are only a taste of what’s to come, and every affected business in Australia is likely to be hitting the whiteboards to work out ways to weather the storm. We know that many of our RTO customer’s may be affected so we wrote this…

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