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The Dark Marketing War

In ancient times, when the world was young and Yellow Pages adverts still worked, marketing was a them and us game – cat and mouse on a vast scale.  

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So You Think You’re No Good at Business Blogging?

Are you really no good at business blogging? Or have you fallen into a false belief? Many business owners, sales managers, technicians and other would be writers think that they are no good at blogging. They may have tried and failed, or just “know” they can’t do it. If this is you, maybe this will sound…

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Do You Need a Fresh New Website Design or Just Redesign Your Old Site?

If your website design is not the fresh and exciting lead generation machine you’d like, read on. So your current website design is looking a little dated, maybe it doesn’t look great on mobile devices, or the look and feel doesn’t represent the face your company wants to present to the world? Maybe it’s not…

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Technology Website Design; 7 Deadly Tech Business Website Flaws

If there’s one thing technology companies know about it’s technology. And since a website is a creative, technical piece of work, then it follows that techies are the right people for the job! Well, maybe, but before your get your tech Jedi’s mobilised, there are a few gotchas your should know about that technology people fall…

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Does Your Technology Business Have a Clearly Defined Market Position?

Is your tech business lost in a sea of sameness? It’s very common in the technology industry to find tech websites and marketing that focus way too much on the features and specifications of products and services, with less time on benefits, and nothing at all that set the business apart by claiming a meaningful market…

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Content Marketing Builds Empires [Infographic]

Content Marketing is the corner stone of inbound marketing, and revolves around creating helpful and remarkable content for specific and clearly define sets of people. It’s ethical, helpful and has none of the “dark arts” that surrounds some other online marketing practices.

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