Generate $$$ with Your Content [+4 Important Tips]

You can’t deny that content building allows businesses to generate leads and sales. Quality and consistent content creates brand awareness, attracts an audience, and establishes authority. When people trust a brand through the content they produce, that business is more likely to be at the forefront of their buyers mind when they are looking for services or products.


In this digital age, according to, 80% of people on the internet interact with blogs and social media sites. The benefits of building content make it clear that it’s a loss for any business to not be doing it!


If you’re reading this, it may well be because you have already been creating content but have been seeing little ROI from all the sweat you’ve been putting in. If this is you, here’s a few handy tips for you to consider to help you start increasing your results from content.


The Use of Different Content Types


For a lot of brand owners already handling many aspects of their business, adding content to the list of things to focus on can be intimidating. But it’s not too complicated. You just have to start by identifying the content types that will work for you. Online content can be in the form of text, image, audio, or video.


  1. Blogs are informative and provide value to an audience. According to Demand Metric, 70% of people prefer to learn about a company through articles versus advertisements. Text content is easy for search engines to decipher and therefore makes them valuable. This may be why text is the most common form of online content.


  1. Image content comes in the form of infographics or even memes. Though images don’t index well with search engines, they are useful to use as a complement to text content. Blogs with images tend to receive 94% more views, according to Social Media Today.


  1. Audio content has been building up popularity in the past years. Podcasts are audio shows that cover certain topics. Though it depends on the niche, most people consume this content for leisure.


  1. Lastly, video content. Video content is the fastest growing form used in content marketing. This is a given when the second top search engine is YouTube, a video sharing service. Other forms of video include webinars–online events broadcasted over the internet.


At this point, you should be ready to decide on what type of content you will be focusing on – you should make this decision based on factors such as who your customers is, where you can find them, what message you want to give them and, perhaps most importantly, what your skills and abilities are when producing content.


The next and most important thing to consider is how efficiently you use the content you create. Will your content generate a profit? Are you profiting from your resources and time? Will your high-quality content gain little engagement?


Efficiency in Content Distribution


The unfortunate truth is that only less than half content marketers see a positive ROI from their content. You may spend hours and hours growing your content bank, but it is all up to how efficient you are in using the content you put out.


With so much content being released on the internet every day,  it’s likely that without a boost, your amazing blog post you spent hours researching and writing and editing, doesn’t actually reach your audience at all! This is where content promotion comes in and it is where you will start to see the return on investment start to happen.


Your initial goal around building content shouldn’t be to throw out as much content as possible. It’s to have the most valuable information about your product or service reach as many people as possible and generate leads efficiently.


To save time on content creation, use the right distribution channels. You don’t have to be everywhere; you just have to be where your target audience is.


To be efficient with the time you spent making each piece of content, repurpose them. Content creation is a tedious task. Marketers aren’t machines and people get into creative blocks. The key is using the quality content you already have and making sure it gets the engagement it deserves. Promote that blog by posting multiple images about it on social media every now and again. Repurpose a blog by using it as a backbone to a video or podcast. You get the point.


Consumers now expect consistent high-quality content from brands. Building content isn’t easy, but it’s certainly doable. If you’re interested in assistance for your content needs, Full Steam can help. Read about our services here:




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