Example of Inbound Marketing for Gyms

inbound marketing for gyms

Deep Dive Example of how Inbound Marketing for Gyms works.

This is an example of how a fictional local gym – Simon’s Gym, could run a small Inbound Marketing campaign aimed at building awareness and creating a list of leads.

 A local fitness studio, Simon’s Gyms has researched fitness marketing and Inbound Marketing for gyms, and has decided to make Inbound Marketing the main marketing thrust for the next 12 months. They have a website at simonsgym.com.au, and they use a marketing automation product like Hubspot.

Set Gym Growth Goals

Simon’s Gym wants to increase gym memberships and become dominant in it’s post code. It also wants the potential to expand by franchising in the future, so growing it’s marketing reach outside of it’s post code is a secondary goal.

Strategic marketing plan

  1. Gym Buyer Personas. First they create buyer personas which are fictitional profiles of their ideal buyers. The gym buyers persona give us a person to create all the subsequent marketing for, so it’s both targeted and relevant and they can expect it to resonate with the out prospects.
  2. Fitness Content Offers. They need some way to collect email addresses and to build their list, so Simon’s Gym creates an ebook “Super Charged Training Program Guide” that people can print out and use at any gym or even in a garage gym. This should be an attractive offer to their buyer personas.
  3. Landing Pages. They then create a Landing Page on their website with a form to collect email addresses – anyone filling out the form gets the guide by email.
  4. Call To Action. They create a Call-To-Action which is a graphic button that links from their blog post to their Landing Page, that “sells” the content offer to the person reading the blog article”
  5. Gym keyword research.  Next they do some keywords reseach around fitness topics until they find a suitable keyword that’s fairly low competition, and a reasonable amount of searches (it doesn’t have to be that high volume). Simon’s Gym chooses “fitness Gold Coast” which is low volume (70 monthly searches) and low competition (16 difficulty out of 100 according to Hubspot Keyword Tool). It costs around $6.75 per click in Adwords, which indicates it’s commercially useful as other gyms are paying that per click, so it should get us quality traffic. 
  6. Fitness blog post. Step six is to write a blog post around the search term, so Simon’s Gym writes and optimises a blog post called “5 Steps to Peak Fitness Gold Coast Experts Keep Secret” (note the keyword phrase is in the title, but it still makes sense).
  7. Social Media for gyms. Now we have a great blog article that should appeal to our prospective gym members, with a Call-to-Action pointing to our Landing Page where people can get their downloadable guide. Now we can start promoting it. This article is a product, so it goes into your marketing funnel at the top. Simon’s Gym posts links out to all theirs lists, social channels and groups increasing reach and amplifying the content.
  8. More fitness blogs. Now they continue the campaign by writing another three or four blog posts with the same Call-To-Action pointing to the same Landing Page, and promote them the same way.
  9. Analyse and improve. We analyse the results and tweak our efforts for the next campaign.


Inbound Marketing Brings Long Term Gains

Over time the content that is held on simonsgym.com.au will increase, and all of it will be written around things that people are actually searching for and for questions that people really ask. 

As the content grows the reach across social media will grow and subsequently the SEO will results will improve, all of which will increase traffic, conversions and sales. Additionally the SEO authority on the site will increase allowing Simon’s Gym to target larger volume keywords and national keywords which will achieve the secondary goal of allowing growth outside the gym’s current catchment area.

Blog posts remain relevant for a long time in the fitness industry, and the work you put in now can serve you for long into the future.


Download out checklist and get started on your own Inbound Marketing for Gyms.




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