5 Steps to Fitness Marketing Mastery

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Follow These 5 steps to Fitness Marketing Mastery and Stand Out from Your Competition.

It seems like the fitness industry is awash in competitors all hungry for a piece of the market, but the victor is not always the most agressive or the one with the most money. The internet is a great leveler, and savvy fitness marketers can help their business stand apart from the pack.

Step 1: Start your fitness marketing with strategy. 

What makes you different, and why should any one care? Are you the best gym in your post code? The only ladies gym in your area? Do you offer classes that no one else does? 

Whatever your position, make sure you claim it, own it and then dominate it.

Step 2: Know your fitness buyers.

Who do you sell to? Who would you rather sell to? Do you know what the like and dislike? Do you know what the read and where they hand out. Build buyer personas for each target group and make them personal.

Step 3: Create remarkable content just for your buyer personas.

Ignore everyone else apart from your buyer personas. You are writing just for them. If you have a friend that fits the persona it can help if you write as if your a writing an email to them to help them. Don’t lecture or sell, but instead help, motivate and educate.

Step 4: Build out a digital inbound marketing platform.

Add in your content with Calls-To-Action, Forms, Landing Pages, content offers and blogs. You can do it by mixing and matching different products, but but it’s a lot of work. We work exclusively with Hubspot as we believe they are the best and they have the lion’s share of the market. 

Step 5: Analyse your results.

You want to get better every time so you can tweak for the next run through. Stay open to buyer feedback, stay flexible. Rinse and repeat.


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