Fitness Marketing; Power-up With Inbound Marketing


With inbound health and fitness marketing, your club can stand apart from the crowd. 

The health and fitness industry is often highly competitive, fragmented, and saturated, but there is always a way to stand out in any industry, and to carve a niche for your business. 

Learn how you can kick start your fitness business and increase leads, revenue and profits with inbound fitness marketing.


Not all industries are suitable for Inbound Marketing, as you have be able to generate a good ROI, and there needs to be enough people that actually want to learn and read about what your industry has to say. Thankfully for all you fitness experts, you are able to generate a good ROI, and your buyer base tends to be motivated to learn and move their fitness forwards. Just take a look at how many people per month are searching in your industry;


Australia Fitness Marketing Keywords  
Keyword Monthly Searches 
gym equipment 9900
gyms near me 6600
gym and fitness 4400
gym clothes 3600
gym wear 2900
gym near me 2900
gym motivation 2400


This proves that the market is hot, and that people use Google to find out about fitness related topics, but the next question is; how do you get your brand in front of all those motivated buyers?

The answer used to be offline marketing, and standing in the street handing out flyers. Then along came the internet, and everyone jumped into Adwords and SEO.

While the methods about may still work, there is a better way, and that way is Inbound Marketing, which is built around the way people buy and engage with businesses today.  

Instead of trying to interupt the buyer while they go about their day, Inbound Marketing aims to merge the marketing with content that the buyer want to consume. This is the pinnacle of marketing in that the first product that the buyer wants to consume IS your marketing message.

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Download this checklist to get your Inbound Marketing up to speed and fighting fit.




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