Free RTO Software; G Suite for Education.

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First an exception before anyone gets the wrong idea – this does not include Hubspot or in fact any inbound marketing software, sorry.

What you do get is still amazing though, so keep reading to see how your training organisation can benefit from Google’s generosity and get a heap of RTO software for free.


What does free mean?

Free as in “free beer” for ALL education accounts. That includes students, faculty, staff, and alumni and no limit to user numbers at all.

What can I get then?

Google offer their cloud productivity suite, G Suite at absolutely no charge to training organisations.

That means you get enterprise class, business email delivered through business Gmail client, team collaboration and productivity apps, and training specific applications for classrooms, amongst other things.

Core services are; Gmail, Google Drive, full productivity suite(no more Microsoft Office) including Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Google Calendar, Sites, Groups and Google Talk.

Every users gets unlimited free storage to use for Gmail and Google Drive combined.

To give you more of an idea how much of a great deal this is, consider a 10 staff training company IT spend 5 years ago.

  • 1 email server install with software licenses $15,000 – $20,000
  • Support costs for the server = $5,000 (at least)
  • 10 copies of Microsoft Office = $7,000

A very typical spend of $32,000 in the first year. On top of that you have to do you own backs, and if the server crashes you have high costs to recover all while no one can access their data.

G Suite for Education for Education can replace all of of this hardware and headache for no ongoing cost.


Why would Google give me all this for free?

Well they aren’t doing this purely for the good of mankind, there is a profit angle here. Google wants to bring people into their ecosystem so that there is more chance on their free users becoming paying clients.

Google also sells Chrome Books aimed directly at training institutes to get cheap computers into classrooms. Once you are using G Suite for Education, Google knows that they have more chance to sell you on the Chrome Books, and since their offerings are so solid there’s little chance that you will move elsewhere in future as the cost to switch out weights any advantage, as Google are one of only two companies in the world with the hardware to be able to compete, Microsoft being the other.


So what are the hidden costs?

There are just two costs to consider when switching to G Suite, and they are balanced against each other; Loss of your time vs Cost to pay someone to else.

G Suite needs to be set up and supported like any other tool. If you are happy doing it yourself, then the cost is just time – you lose whatever you would have been able to do in the time it takes to learn how to set it up, and then to make plans and put them in place.

If you do not feel confident, or don’t want the hassle you can hire someone else.



How secure is my data?

G Suite for Education includes many critical security features specifically designed to keep data safe, secure and in your control: all customer data is defined as confidential, it is not scanned for advertisements, and school’s own all of the data they put inG Suite for Education.

There’s also 24 x 7 x 365 Google Support included.

No more security patches or planned downtime;G Suite for Education is updated automatically!

Forget about waiting years for costly product upgrades. G Suite is updated every time you log in, so staff and students get the newest features as soon as they’re ready, free of charge.

Google stay at the forefront of this market by continuous innovation. Almost every week they make updates that can benefit your organisation.


How long does it take to move to G Suite?

That depends on whether you need a full migration (all current data moved to G Suite), as that takes a while to copy.

Fast, easy collaboration is what makes these products special. Google tools offer real time editing, powerful sharing controls, and seamless compatibility – a perfect environment for learning in the 21st century!

[shameless self promotion ahead]

Psst.  We are registered G Suite partners and we can have you running on G Suite using a new or pre-existing domain in under 24 hours. Drop us a line and we’ll help you decide whether G Suite is right for youe RTO.





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